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To introduce and use multiplexer

To introduce and use multiplexer
Thank you for your patronage of the company YF-SF video multiplexer series products, power supply!
A, product introduction:
This product is the video signal and power signal camera bundled together in a coaxial cable transmission. It is using frequency division multiplexing technology, namely the power signal and video signal at different frequency points, and then combined together to transmit, it can be implemented in a wire simultaneously with the same direction or reverse transmission of video signal and RS485 control signal, using ordinary video lines can transmit 600 meters, which can effectively improve the cable using rate, has clear image, installation is convenient wait for a characteristic.
It solves the remote control signal transmission, transmission distance can be greatly extended video signal. The characteristics of this mode can save material and cost, convenient construction, free debugging, stable, reliable, and other, more flexibility in the system expansion and transformation, is the ideal equipment video power transmission.
Two, the panel structure diagram
SF802T SF802R transmitter receiver


Three, the interface description:
The 1- line receiver; 2- to DC12V power supply; 3- power indicator light; 4- data; 5-RS 485 data port (transmitter decoder, or direct access to the ball machine, if you don't take head need not connected; receiver is connected with the control keyboard)); 6- video signal input is connected with a camera; 7- line input transmitter; 8- signal output is connected with the monitor;
Four, product features:
The equipment adopts 1, new projects, can be put to two video cable into a video cable, save cable usage;
2, renovation project, the new increase point can be the nearest access;
3, special use, video signal and data signal transmission can be bound together in a line, and does not need additionally distributed data line (Note: data signal is formed, by the data plate plug are respectively arranged at the transmitter and the receiver, the user can choose according to need to plug, it is convenient to use, saves the RS485 transmission wire);
Transmission 4, suitable for all kinds of belt PTZ control or without PTZ control of video signal and the data signal control;
5, in the video cable can also be in the RF cable COSCO distance;
6, built in ESD protection circuit (using the breakthrough semiconductor element) signal isolation module, the effective protection of the main control room equipment without external electrostatic interference;
Install 7, modular design;
8, 2 Video + single channel RS485 data signal coaxial bidirectional transmission;
9, the transmission distance (SYV75-5 coaxial cable can transmit 600 meters, the other can transmit 1200 meters) and ensure the image to 4 stage effect;
10, free debugging, adaptive: as long as the range of transmission distance, the device will automatically adjust their index,
Ensure that the circuit can be compatible with 0 distance and the distance adaptive, so as to achieve the best effect, strong anti-interference ability, stable and reliable work;
11, by using the frequency multiplexing technology can effectively resist all kinds of interference;
12, the real time image transmission, no frame loss without delay, broadcast image indicates;
13, simple wiring structure, convenient, low cost, convenient construction, shorter working hours;
14, products using the patch installation process, safeguard the stability;
Five, the debugging method:
This product is connected with electricity can be used, without any debugging.
In six, the matters needing attention:
The L transmitting end to the receiving end using SYV75-5 coaxial far transmission 600 meters
L V1 is through the VIDEO signal, V2 is modulated signal, the anti-interference ability
L use please read the instructions carefully before the equipment equipment
L in strict accordance with the rules of installation and debugging;
The attention of the L waterproof, moisture-proof, handle with care equipment;
L please use stable DC12V voltage supply;
L install the appropriate height, so as not to damage the electric shock;
L is switched on, please, as shown in panel structure diagram, connect the cable;
L check the cable connection is reliable, to prevent poor contact;
L equipment failure, do not open, please contact our customer service department;
Fig. seven schematic, connection