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What is the adjacent frequency modulator? Adjacent channel modulator has what function?

What is the adjacent frequency modulator? Adjacent channel modulator has what function?
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CATV602 catvadjacent channel modulators using dual PLL circuit CUP control, guarantee the frequency stability; the professional intermediate frequency surface acoustic wave filter
And the specialized channel spiral filter, ensuring superior frequency characteristics, adjacent channel with the highest inhibition and the out of band suppression. The machine adopts the SMT patch installation work
Art makes the machine more stable, reliable.
Two, CATV602 adjacent frequency modulator function:
Carrier modulation technology, surface acoustic wave filter processing, high out of band rejection;
The real-time image transmission, no frame loss without delay, broadcast image indicates;
Extension cable space, extend the transmission distance of the signal can be remote monitoring; more than 10 kilometers;
Simple wiring structure, convenient, low cost, convenient construction, shorter working hours;
RF carrier transmission, to avoid the low frequency interference, with strong anti interference function;
Professional design, push and pull type self-locking device, sealed rain proof and dust-proof;
Innovative design, standardized professional interface, good compatibility.
Technology transfer is mature and reliable, high stability, high signal-to-noise ratio;
Modulator debugging note: (1) the input voltage signals in general 1VP-P ± 0.3 VP-P. Input
Image signal voltage is too low, the image gray image sense level or even have a distorted image, the input graph
As a signal to the voltage is too high so that the image contrast is too strong and will also cause the image sense level or even have a map
Like twist, therefore, must be adjusted according to the actual situation to determine each modulator in use, there is the input voltage
The potentiometer, the 4- video level is adjusted using a small screwdriver, clockwise signal increases, and decreases.
(2) modulator maximum image output level of different channels in a slightly different, but generally in the 85-105 dB,
Each modulator has output level adjustment potentiometer, adjustable range is 20 dB, using a small screwdriver to
8- RF level adjustment, clockwise signal increases, and decreases. The modulator output power
Flat should be adjusted according to the actual situation to determine the site, this step is crucial, output level adjusting improperly will cause system
Six, instructions for use;
1, before turning on power, please as shown in panel structure diagram, connect the cable;
2, check the cable connection is reliable, to prevent poor contact;
3, according to the needs of equipment installation, adjust the output level;
4, according to the attenuation characteristics of coaxial cables with correct choice of directional couplers and mixer;
5, pay attention to the input level in the 70-75 dB, to access the amplifier;
6, non professional personnel are not allowed to open the device adjusting device;
7, if the equipment is installed in the outdoor, equipment shell to be well grounded, to prevent lightning;
8, the equipment designed suspension self-locking anti dropping device, please do not forcibly pull the bottom board of the machine, the correct method is not completely out of the bottom
Alignment gaps, self-locking, to light up the bottom, you can remove the.
In seven, the matters needing attention:
Please read the instructions carefully before using this equipment equipment
In strict accordance with the rules of installation and debugging;
Pay attention to the equipment waterproof, moisture-proof, handle with care;
Please use the stable AC220V voltage supply;
Install the appropriate height, so as not to damage the electric shock;
Equipment failure, do not open, please contact our customer service department